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CJMU-Canadian Jedi Masters United


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On this page if you are here to challenge the CJMU you will find the information you need. If you are already a memeber then you will find the next clan battle or you will find out information on a map that you might have to download for the clan battle.(although i will inform everyone at least 5 days before the battle so you can download it and make sure that it works.

Clan Challenges
If you would like to challenge the CJMU members to a clan battle you must email either me or Josh(email addresses listed below) about what the server will be called, if it is a downloaded map you must inform us at least a week ahead of the battle so that we can download it for ourselves. Also see the rules below.
These following rules must be followed in order for the clan battle to work.(unless you make your own rules and inform us on them a week before)
1.Sabers only
2.No cheats
3.No slow connections
4.Everyone must be on the same force level, or no force at all
5.Maximum players=10
6.Minumum players=4
7.No custom skins
8.No bots
9.Everyone playing must be identified to your clan.(must be on your clan as well)
10.Play fair

Already Memebers
All ELITE MEMBERS will always be informed for a clan match, if you can not join please inform either me or Josh at least 2 days before a clan match. Every once and a while the CJMU memebers will get together to practise with each other(meaning that you can try anything out on anyone you want, unless they are trying something already).